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The telephone uses a combination of acoustics and electricity transmitted through wires from one point to another.

The acoustics, human sound being produced through our lips tongue and mouth by movement and vibration. When we speak into the mouthpiece the acoustic vibrations work a metallic substance and electrode separated by a plastic barrier. As we speak the metallic substance works back-and-forth, hince, closer to and farther away from the electrode causing variations in voltage. These variations in voltage are carried through the wire and are reconverted on the other hand into acoustics which we can hear

How does the telephone work, is simplified by remembering how as kids we would take two tin cans and a piece of string, We would takethem and punch a hole in each can with a nail, stick the string through the hole and knot it to keep it from coming out. We would then stretch the cans and string tyight and speaking into it. The effect would be, the vibrations against the bottom of the can as we spoke would transmit through the string and be heard on the other end.

The other part of telephone technology is the dial tone and the ringer. When you pick up the handset or hit the on button you activate current. This current connects a digit receiver and sends you a dial tone which indicates you are ready to dial. When you push the buttons to dial it activates the tone generator in your phone and generates dual tone multi-frequency tones which in turn starts the calling process. On the other end the phone is activated through a pulsing signal tone causing the phone to ring.

On February 14, 1876 Alexander Graham Bell filed for the first patent on an idea for a telephone system. On March 7, 1876 less than a month later his patent was granted. Three days later the first telephone invented carried Its first intelligible sentence "Mr.Watson - come here- I want to see you".

The next step in the evolution of the telephone was the first cellular phone invented in 1973 almost 100 years later. And even later the internet and phones where integrated together into small business phone systems, using as many lines as needed for a business to operate. Along with business use of phones came telemarketing and the misuse of privacy. The national do not call directory was implimented to protect customers.



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